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Why Rehab Advice?

  • We’ve Done ALL the Research, 10+ Years Experience matching thousands of clients to the right Treatment Center
  • Choose From over 130 of the top Rehabs in the country
  • Avoid Sales Pitches, Get Accurate & Unbiased Info on the Best Rehabs
  • We Coordinate Everything/Admissions/Insurance/Finance/Travel/Everything
  • Never A Client Fee. Our fee is paid for by the Rehab Facility Chosen


choose from over 130 of the top

rehab centers in the country

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Our Story

Rehab Advice is a team of addiction treatment experts that match your needs with over a decade of experience and thousands of research hours to help you find the right Rehab. Our experience and the feedback from thousands of past clients give us a long term track record and success “score card” for the top rehabs in the California and the Nation.

Rehab Advice has no affiliation with any rehab, period. We offer unbiased and accurate info on the top choices in addiction treatment centers based exclusively on client need and our matching expertise. We refer to over 130 of the top Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in California and the USA with Exclusive Representation of our Client from beginning through their rehab stay and into our aftercare program.




We Match You To The Right Rehab Treatment Center
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